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[Enjoy the autumn leaves at Ryoan-ji Temple] ~ Karesansui (Ryoan-ji Temple) + Nanten moss balls, utensils, and natural Moso bamboo decorative stand set Nanten

[Enjoy the autumn leaves at Ryoan-ji Temple] ~ Karesansui (Ryoan-ji Temple) + Nanten moss balls, utensils, and natural Moso bamboo decorative stand set Nanten

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Description of item

southern sky
southern skysouthern sky
southern sky

southern sky

southern sky
southern sky

Asahiyama cherry blossoms

Asahiyama cherry blossoms

Nanten moss balls and black Bizen ware

The southern sky, which is said to bring about change from difficulty to difficulty, has been made into a moss ball from the southern sky, which has been used as a lucky charm since ancient times during the New Year. This moss ball is very durable and easy to grow.

southern sky

feel the seasons

Enjoy the beautiful autumn leaves. I used black Bizen small vessels as the vessels. Please choose the paving stone (black stone or white stone).

How to enjoy Karesansui

Karesansui kit

Ryoanji Temple

Silently place stones in your mind and draw patterns in the sand. This is a small dry landscape inspired by the Hojo garden of Ryoanji Temple in Ukyo Ward, Kyoto. You can play by creating river flows and ups and downs with sand. Enjoy recreating the 15 stone garden of Ryoanji Temple or creating your own garden. You can also draw sand patterns (patterns) as much as you want. The tray is made of paulownia wood and finished with a jet black urethane coating, giving it a durable and luxurious feel. Recommended as a gift! (Each stone has a different shape. Thank you for your understanding.)

mini karesansui kit

Nanten is a hardy plant that grows in the shade. If you do not apply fertilizer after summer and expose it to the cold in autumn and winter, you can enjoy beautiful autumn leaves.
Place Please place it in a place that receives sunlight other than direct sunlight in midsummer, or in a bright shade.
In winter, go to a place where the temperature does not drop below freezing.
watering When you hold the moss ball and it feels light, soak it in water for a few minutes.
As a guide, once every 1st to 2nd in summer, once every 2nd to 3rd at other times.
Cold resistance temperature 0℃
Flowers, leaves, fruits The leaves remain a beautiful green throughout the year. You can enjoy beautiful autumn leaves from autumn to winter (evergreen). When the plant grows large enough to grow, such as by planting it in the ground, it will bloom and bear fruit.
*For details, please see the included growing guide. *The image of the plant may differ from the photo depending on the season, such as withered plants or before flowering. Please note.

Bringing a Japanese garden to you.
[Karesansui x Kokedama] ~ Karesansui set [Ryoanji] + Nanten moss ball set + Natural Moso bamboo decoration stand
●Set contents

[Karesansui (Ryoanji Temple)]
・Tray: 1 piece ・Sand: 1 bag ・Rake (rake): 1 ・Stone (silica stone): 15 pieces ・Instruction manual (Japanese version/English version))

[Nanten moss ball/ware set]
・Nanten moss balls...1 ・Case (black Bizen small)...1 piece ・Paving stones (either white stone or black stone)...1 bag ・How to grow guide

[Natural Moso Bamboo Moss Ball/Bonsai Decoration Stand]
・Decoration stand (laminated bamboo wood)...1


[Karesansui (Ryoanji Temple)]

● Size (approx.)
・Tray (wooden, paulownia, urethane painted): Width approx. 35cm x depth 14cm x height 2.5cm
・Rake (rake/bamboo): length 12.8cm x width 2.5cm

● Weight (approx.) ・800g

Karesansui set

Karesansui set

*Since it is a natural stone, the size and shape are not uniform.
*For indoor use.

[Nanten moss ball/ware set]
●Size (approx.) Overall: Width 13cm x Height 21cm x Depth 18cm (moss balls are 8 x 8cm)
(Approx.) Container: Width 12.5cm x Height 2.5cm x Depth 12.5cm

*The size and shape of moss balls are not uniform.

[Natural Moso Bamboo Moss Ball/Bonsai Decoration Stand]
●Size (approx.) Overall: Width 25cm x Height 9cm x Depth 9cm

Karesansui set

▼▽▼▽Infinite fun with extra benefits! ▽▼▽▼▽▼▽▼▽

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