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Karesansui kit sand/Ryoanji Temple

Karesansui kit sand/Ryoanji Temple

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Description of item

Karesansui kit sand/Ryoanji Temple

This is a sales page for the sand that comes with the Karesansui kit. Please use it for replacement or replenishment. Please see below for approximate amounts.

★This is the amount included in this set.
●Karesansui <Ryoanji Temple>
●Karesansui <chojugiga>
●Karesansui <Ryoanji Temple with freeze-dried moss>

*Ryoanji Chua, tray, stones, etc. shown in the photo are not included.

Karesansui kit sand Ryoanji Temple

Content Sand (calcium carbonate) Ryoanji…1 bag
Material calcium carbonate
Size (approx. Ryoanji Temple size) ●Bag size (approx.): 14 x 19cm
●Weight: (approx.) 500g
●Estimated usage
・Comes with Karesansui kits <Ryoanji> and <Chojugiga>
・Tray size: Approximately 35 x 14 x 2.5 cm

●The color on your monitor may differ from the actual color. Please note.
●This is the sand (calcium carbonate) that comes with the Karesansui kit. It will be delivered in a zippered plastic bag. Recommended for those who want to replenish sand, replace sand when it gets dirty, or enjoy Karesansui on their favorite tray.
●Sand, trays, stones, etc. shown in the photo are not included.
*Please check the size etc. before placing your order.

Description of item