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Mini garden supervised by Ryoanji [Karesansui kit <Ryoanji> with freeze-dried moss and mini vines] For interior display

Mini garden supervised by Ryoanji [Karesansui kit <Ryoanji> with freeze-dried moss and mini vines] For interior display

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Description of item

Ryoanji Temple

Mini Karesansui Kit <br>Ryoanji Temple
Tsukuba/freeze-dried moss-covered back

Chojugiga Chojugiga

Ryoanji Temple

Silently place stones in your mind and draw patterns in the sand. This is a small dry landscape inspired by the Hojo garden of Ryoanji Temple in Ukyo Ward, Kyoto. You can play by creating river flows and ups and downs with sand. Enjoy recreating the 15 stone garden of Ryoanji Temple or creating your own garden. You can also draw sand patterns (patterns) as much as you want. The tray is made of paulownia wood and finished with a jet black urethane coating, giving it a durable and luxurious feel. Recommended as a gift! (Each stone has a different shape. Thank you for your understanding.)

KaresansuiKaresansui set

A kit that allows you to more realistically reproduce Ryoanji Temple.

Freeze-dried moss and grass

mini karesansui kit

Tsukubai, where the teachings of Chisoku are engraved

The spirit of knowing that there is enough. Buddha's teachings: ``Chisoku'' It would be good if we could suppress our tendency to be greedy and wish for more and more, and be grateful for the present moment.

Ryoanji Temple

In the garden (north of the Hojo) of Daiunzan Ryoanji Temple in Kyoto Prefecture, there is a footrest with the part that stores water in the middle like the character ``mouth,'' and the characters around it are ``Waretada'' (Waretada). It is pronounced as Tarukotowoshiru). This is a Buddhist teaching that is based on the mind of wisdom.

Make that crouch into a miniature.

Karesansui Rake

Additions to Japanese gardens A chozubachi (chozubachi) is installed in a tea garden and is used to cleanse one's hands and mouth before entering the tea room.

freeze dried moss

A more realistic reproduction of Ryoan-ji Temple A set of freeze-dried moss Added with stones to further enhance the completeness

Because it is carefully dried using a special method, it retains its original color and requires no watering or maintenance.

Freeze-processed moss can also be taken overseas. Compared to fresh moss, which is difficult to take out due to quarantine issues,

It is also possible to take it overseas. Recommended as a souvenir or gift.

mini karesansui kit

mini karesansui kit

mini karesansui kit

mini karesansui kit

mini karesansui kit

Packaging image: It will be placed in a decorative box with a lid.

mini karesansui kit

Karesansui Kit Ryoanji Temple Freeze Dried Moss Set

Content ・Tray: 1 piece ・Sand: 1 bag ・Rake: 1 piece ・Stone: 15 pieces ・Tsukubai: 1 piece ・Freeze-dried moss: 1 piece Pack (3 pieces)
・Instruction manual (Japanese version/English version)
weight 830g

Size (approx.)


・Tray (wooden, paulownia, urethane painted): Width approx. 35cm x depth 14cm x height 2.5cm
・Rake (rake/bamboo): length 12.8cm x width 2.5cm
・Crow (resin): Approximately 3.5cm in diameter x 3cm in height
About freeze-dried moss

In order to deliver the beauty of ancient Japanese moss as it is, we flash-frozen fresh moss at -35℃ and then slowly dried it into a freeze-dried product. No coloring is used to preserve the original beauty of the moss, allowing you to enjoy its unchanged appearance for a long time without watering.

This product does not require watering. We have made every effort to ensure that it can be used for a long time, but since it is a natural material, please avoid placing it in a place exposed to direct sunlight. When not in use, we recommend storing it in a cool, dark place.


●The color on your monitor may differ from the actual color. Please note.
●There are individual differences in color.
●Because it is a natural stone, the size and shape are not uniform.
*Please check the size etc. before placing your order.

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