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gift wrapping

gift wrapping

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About wrapping

If you would like gift wrapping, please select gift wrapping when ordering. You can choose stickers from your cart. Click here for details

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Description of item

Wrapping up your feelings for your loved ones

Zen Garden offers a free wrapping service for those who request it.

We will deliver the excitement when you open the box. Please use it as a gift for your loved ones.

About wrapping - The pot of the plant is wrapped in non-woven fabric and transparent film, and finished with a ribbon for simple wrapping.・Wrap miscellaneous goods such as garden goods and Karesansui sets in wrapping paper, or put them in a bag and secure with a sticker.・You can choose the wrapping sticker from below.
・The color of wrapping paper and ribbons will change depending on the season. We also have message stickers such as ``Happy Birthday,'' ``Kototo,'' ``Congratulations,'' and ``Congratulations,'' as well as ``for you'' (no message) stickers that can be used for multiple purposes. Please choose according to your purpose. (Please see below) - There is no charge - There is a wrapping sticker in the notes section of the order screen.

・Please indicate your desired sticker mark.
-If you do not specify, the item will be shipped in normal packaging for home use.
・Due to size and shape, some items cannot be wrapped together. Thank you for your understanding.

Karesansui kit

Karesansui kit wrapping

Karesansui kits that come in wooden or paper boxes will be wrapped in wrapping paper. It has a cute Japanese pattern.

Small items such as miniatures

It will be protected with cushioning material and placed in a paper bag.

Set of bonsai and moss balls

For plants such as bonsai and moss balls that come with the Karesansui kit, protect the pots and plates with bubble wrap, wrap them in layers of film and non-woven fabric, and tie them with ribbon. Secure the tied part with a sticker.

Seals to choose from

Description of item