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Mini Karesansui Set Kei [Karesansui Kit <River>] Beautiful valley scenery zengarden karesansui

Mini Karesansui Set Kei [Karesansui Kit <River>] Beautiful valley scenery zengarden karesansui

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Description of item

Karesansui garden

Karesansui garden

Clear stream, beautiful valley scenery

Karesansui garden

Karesansui garden

Karesansui gardenKaresansui gardenKaresansui gardenKaresansui gardenKaresansui garden



Oil-finished tray
Shallow rectangles expand the width of your design.



A rake that deepens and enriches the patterns drawn on the sand.
This set includes 4 types of rakes, 1 sand leveling rod, and a dust shovel that can also be used for cleaning. Even the same circle has different expressions depending on the rake.

Karesansui garden

Stone [Sanbasite]


Japanese signature stone quarried in Onishi, Gunma Prefecture
Sanbagishi stands blue on the banks of the Sanbagawa River.

White quartz in some places
The arrangement of stones creates a variety of landscapes.



Just add it and the scenery will change completely.
Finely crafted small items

Creatures such as turtles and sweetfish are made of tin.
The bridge is made of ceramic.

It is also possible to take it overseas. Recommended as a souvenir or gift.

What you can do with the Karesansui kit.

Silently place stones in your mind and draw patterns in the sand.

You can play by creating river flows and ups and downs with sand.

Recommended as a gift!

Karesansui garden


Karesansui garden

Karesansui garden

set content

・Tray…1 piece
・Stone (Sanpa stone)…7 pieces
・Sand…1 bag
・Rake (rake)…3 types

1) Mini size x 1
2) Vertical small size x 1
3) Leveling rod x 1

・Mini broom…1
・Crab…2 pieces
・Turtle…2 pieces
・Ayu…1 piece
・Frog…1 piece
・Bridge…1 piece

・Instruction manual (Japanese version/English version)


・Tray (wooden, paulownia, urethane painted)
: Width approx. 38cm x depth 26cm x height 2.5cm
・3 types of rake

1) Mini size (bamboo/balsa wood) 2 x 0.9 x 12 cm
2) Vertical small size (balsa wood) 4 x 0.8 x 11 cm
3) Leveling rod (cut, balsa wood) 5.8 x 1 x 11 cm

・Mini broom (palm)…Length 11cm
・Crab (tin)…width 3.5cm x height 2cm x depth 1.2cm
・Turtle (tin)...Width 4cm x Height 1.3cm x Depth 2cm
・Ayu (tin)...width 4.5cm x height 1.5cm x depth 1.5cm
・Frog (tin)...width 2.5cm x height 1.5cm x depth 1.5cm
・Bridge (ceramic)…Width 8cm x Height 2.3cm x Depth 3.5cm

*Since it is a natural stone, the size and shape are not uniform.
*For indoor use.

Description of item